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Discover the taste of divine

Val Notre-Dame Abbey’s devine caramel spreads

One of the unique products created by the monks of Val Notre-Dame Abbey, OKARAMEL spreads come in three delicious flavours: caramel, maple and chocolate.

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Val Notre-Dame Cistercian Abbey

is rooted in the evangelical tradition expressed in the Rule of St. Benedict and in the particular form given to it by the founders of Cîteaux in the 11th century.

Monastic life here is wholly ordered to contemplation. This is why the monks, between the walls of the monastery, devote themselves to divine worship, ensuring humble and noble service to the Divine Majesty in solitude and silence, constant prayer and joyful penance. Governed by the Rule of St. Benedict and led by an Abbot, the monks walk behind Christ as a community, celebrating the Liturgy of the Hours each day, devoting time to manual work and the Lectio Divina.

Since their foundation in 1098, Cistercian monks have lived exclusively from the work of their own hands. This is how they developed a wide range of excellent food products.

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