Photo de l'Abbaye Val Notre-Dame

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Gâteau aux fruis 600 gr
Fruit cake

The green tomato mixture is what gives the Abbey’s fruit cake its unique texture. The cakes are aged before being sold, so the taste is even better! 3 sizes: 150 g, 600 g and 1 kg.

3,39 $26,99 $
Caramel velouté 450gr-2
Okaramel caramel spread

Our Caramel Spread is the store’s flagship product. Made with cream…

6,39 $14,19 $
Mini gâteaux aux fruits enrobés de chocolat 2
Mini-chocolate coated fruit cake

Box of 4 delicious mini fruit cakes coated with dark chocolate. A real treat!

7,49 $
Gâteau aux dattes 600gr
Date cake

The recipe for this cake comes from a cookbook belonging to the mother…

2,69 $12,65 $
Beurre d'amantes
Almond butter

A very simple list of ingredients: almonds. Period.

10,99 $
Caramel à l'érable 450gr-2
Okaramel maple caramel spread

Our Maple Caramel Spread is made from smooth, creamy caramel, to which we add

6,39 $7,59 $
Souris en chocolat 2
Box of 32 chocolate mice

Box of 36 chocolate mice

7,99 $
Chocolats à l\'érable 12-2
Chocolates with maple filling

Prepared with simplicity and care by the Abbey’s monks, our delicious chocolates are offered at a very…

6,19 $11,99 $
Beurre d\\'arachides 370gr-1
Peanut butter

Only one ingredient goes into this butter: peanuts. Pure and simple!

7,69 $
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